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Transforming tank storage into large-scale, long-term electricity storage

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Vopak and Elestor address the intermittency challenge of renewable energy

Discover how Vopak, a leading company in tank storage, is harnessing the power of hydrogen-bromine flow batteries—a groundbreaking solution pioneered by our portfolio company, Elestor. This innovative approach is aimed at tackling the issue of renewable energy intermittency while delivering essential services to the grid.

The challenge

Vopak is the largest independent tank storage company in the world, specialising in storing liquid bulk products such as chemicals, oil, gasses, and biofuels. The company operates 79 terminals in 23 countries.


As it looks to a more sustainable future, Vopak is developing new solutions to actively contribute to the integration of renewable electricity into the energy system. Leveraging its expertise in liquid bulk storage, the company plays a crucial role in modern energy systems. To address the intermittency challenge associated with renewable energy, Vopak is now seeking to transform its traditional tank storage capabilities into large-scale, long-term electricity storage solutions.

The solution

In doing so, the company has partnered with Dutch company, Elestor. Established in 2014, Elestor has developed a unique, patented hydrogen bromine flow battery which utilises low cost, abundant materials (bromine and hydrogen) to store electricity as modules.


Vopak operates in a number of seaports, therefore utilising bromine, which is readily available in sea water.


Elestor is currently building the system for Vopak’s terminal at the seaport of Vlissingen, the Netherlands, due to be completed by the end of 2023. From there, the two companies aim to further scale up the storage capacity and usage to industrial scale.

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The expected impact

Elestor has developed a robust solution with an extended lifetime and zero self-discharge. The technology doesn’t only deliver power quickly but also reduces electricity storage costs to the absolute minimum. When recreated at scale, it can support Vopak in fulfilling the essential infrastructure requirements of the future.
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