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Fast, efficient battery swapping for clean urban mobility

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Top micromobility provider Voi partners with Swobbee to streamline battery swapping for e-scooter sharing

Discover how Swobbee, a Battery-as-a-Service provider in our portfolio, is supporting Voi in making e-scooter batteries available 24/7 and effortless to swap. This collaboration cuts costs by up to 20% for Voi and guarantees quicker service for their users.

The challenge

Voi is one of the largest micromobility providers in Europe, with a vision for cities that are more liveable, accessible, and free from traffic noise and pollution. Voi offers shared electric vehicles (e-scooters and e-bikes) accessible on-demand through its app. Its services are also easily integrated with public transportation, platforms for route planning and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) apps.


In July 2023, Voi began a three-year partnership with Berlin-based Battery-as-a-Service provider, Swobbee, aimed at improving the efficiency and sustainability of battery swapping for e-scooter sharing.

The solution

Swobbee provides safe battery charging, on demand, 24/7 through its charging stations at convenient locations across cities, for private and business clients. For business clients like Voi, the Swobbee network removes the need to operate battery swapping from warehouses or larger repair centers. Locations with access to storage, parking and EV charging enable workers to start their shift directly from the Swobbee station.


Discharged batteries can be replaced in a matter of seconds at Swobbee stations, rather than the user having to wait for their existing battery to charge. The use of the equipment is 100% digital and performed through a smartphone app. The software provides 100% traceability of operations including live tracking of battery swapping operations and state of battery health.

The impact

Swobbee and Voi established two initial stations in Hamburg, one of Voi’s busiest cities, with 10 million trips taken on Voi’s e-scooters since 2019. Through the use of Swobbee charging stations and technology, Voi can enjoy cost savings of up to 20% as a result of:

  • Shorter trips by drivers to swap batteries due to better placement of charge points in cities.
  • Less idle time for drivers due to less battery downtime.
  • Reduced personnel costs as the drivers can be more efficient during their shifts.

As part of their partnership, Voi and Swobbee plan to establish charging and swapping stations across Europe.

“Moving forward, we aspire to expand our partnership with Swobbee to additional locations in Europe, further decentralizing our charging and swapping operations.”


Ariel Schäffer, Head of Operations Germany at Voi







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