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Revolutionising shipping with 80% smaller foldable containers

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Global cargo line, Marguisa, trims CO2 and transport costs with Navlandis’ Zbox

Learn how Marguisa, the renowned international container and project cargo line, teamed up with our portfolio company Navlandis to leverage their groundbreaking Zbox foldable shipping containers. The collaboration has transformed Marguisa’s operations, resulting in substantial cost savings, faster deliveries, and a reduced environmental footprint.

The challenge

Marguisa is a leading international container and project cargo line in Spain, with operations in 55 countries and shipping routes across the world. Part of the Sea & Ports holding group, Marguisa runs regular services to and from West Africa, shipping more than 200,000 tons of freight per year. The company is keen to optimise its operations, reduce logistic costs and delivery time for its customers, as well as reduce its environmental footprint.

The solution

Navlandis, a technology start-up, has developed a new generation of foldable shipping containers, the Zbox, to optimise empty container transport and reduce environmental and economic footprints, making sea freight more sustainable. The Zbox is almost identical to regular containers, with standard ISO dimensions, but takes up to 80% less space when empty and folded. The Zbox has been engineered to withstand extreme conditions and can be placed anywhere on shipping vessels, even the lower rung, due to its strength. The system has been patented since 2014 and allows:


  • Stacking five empty containers in place of one
  • If all empty containers worldwide are replaced by the Zbox, up to $12 billion per year could be saved in transport costs and up to 120Mt CO2 per year could be saved in emissions.
  • Greater efficiency from the extra space created in terminals and depots when empty
  • Detailed performance reviews of the containers through the use of IOT
  • Easy handling — folding and unfolding with standard machinery found at any terminal or depot.
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The impact

Since working with Navlandis to identify the routes on which the Zbox could have the greatest impact, Marguisa has reduced its logistics costs by 40% and reduced transit time by 33%. Navlandis leases its containers on a “pay as you save” basis, so customers pay a fee based on the savings they make, with no upfront costs.