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Revolutionising micro-mobility with effortless battery swapping and 24/7 access

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Swobbee and Galp join forces to transform the micro-mobility industry

Discover how our portfolio company, Swobbee, is collaborating with Galp, an integrated energy company, to enhance the convenience and availability of micro-mobility vehicle charging for both companies and individuals. Swobbee’s technology allows users to quickly locate and reserve pre-charged batteries for effortless swapping. With up to 20 batteries available per station, the need for charging time is eliminated, making micro-mobility vehicles more accessible than ever.

The challenge

Galp is an integrated energy company, working within the oil, renewable energy, and electric mobility sectors, with operations in six countries and around 6,000 employees. The company currently has over 1,100 electric mobility charging points, and is looking to improve the efficiency of micro-mobility vehicle charging to make it more accessible to companies and individuals.

The solution

To address this, Galp is partnering with technology startup Swobbee, together with micro-mobility fleet management operator Boost Logistics, to launch the first network of battery swapping stations for e-bikes in Lisbon and for micro-mobility vehicles (e-bikes, mopeds and scooters) in Madrid.


Swobbee’s technology enables users to locate the nearest battery charging station and to reserve a pre-charged battery to swap out with their existing one. The modular stations contain up to 20 fully charged or charging batteries, enabling the replacement of discharged batteries in just a few seconds, rather than the user having to wait for their own battery to charge. The use of the equipment is 100% digital and performed through a smartphone app.

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The impact

Galp has been a pioneer in electric mobility services in Portugal for more than a decade and has ambitious plans to strengthen its presence across Iberia. The collaboration with Swobbee enables Galp to provide a more accessible charging network for micro-mobility vehicles, while also monetising free space at their existing fuelling and charging stations.


In the first two months of the pilot project in Lisbon, more than 3,500 battery swaps took place, corresponding to more than 2.7 MWh of charged energy.

2.7 MWh+