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Large utility company adopts pioneering distributed generation solution

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EzzingSolar helps MVM Group roll out a more customer-centric distributed generation solution

Find out how our portfolio company EzzingSolar is helping the Hungarian utility company, MVM group, develop a distributed generation offering that is user-centric and that provides a high quality experience with minimal hassle for potential customers.

The challenge

The energy system is undergoing a transition towards a distributed generation model where energy is sourced from decentralised renewable sources and consumers are assuming a more active role. In the coming years, establishing a strong relationship between utilities and customers will be of paramount importance. Revenue streams will primarily stem from services and retail initiatives.


For a utility company like MVM, it is crucial to cultivate a user-centric approach in developing a distributed generation solution. The aim is to provide potential customers with a seamless and exceptional experience, minimising any unnecessary complexities or inconveniences.

The solution

EzzingSolar optimises all the resources needed to sell and install residential and commercial photovoltaic installations. The platform covers the whole value chain, from acquiring the customer to formalising contracts through the web. The smooth user experience facilitates the closure of deals quickly and easily.


As a result of the partnership with MVM, the EzzingSolar platform has been adapted to MVM’s brand and it supports the company in:

  • Acquiring new customers.
  • Sizing and pricing each customer’s need.
  • Contracting and signing the offer.
  • Managing the logistics of the installation.
  • After-sales service.
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The impact

Thanks to EzzingSolar, MVM can optimise its operations and maximise customer engagement and acquisition while minimising costs. Benefits include:

  • Allows for engagement with the end customer during and after sales, while offering a means to cross-sell other energy products.
  • Interconnects everyone in the value chain to reduce overhead costs.
  • Customer acquisition costs are reduced to a minimum.