Customer story

From grounds to green: repurposing 100% coffee waste into raw materials and bio-products

Sustainable developement goals:

Empowering Delta Cafes and PRIO in the coffee circular economy with EcoBean

Find out how our portfolio company EcoBean is collaborating with Delta Cafes and PRIO to collect used coffee grounds from Delta coffee sold at PRIO refuelling stations in Portugal. EcoBean specialises in transforming coffee waste into valuable resources like coffee oil, antioxidants, lactic acid, protein additives, and coffee lignin for applications in biodiesel, food, cosmetics, polymers, furniture, and more.

The challenge

Delta Cafes, part of the Nabeiro Group, is a leading coffee brand in Portugal, with operations in more than 40 countries. As part of their sustainability commitments, they are actively seeking innovative solutions to tackle the waste generated from the end use of their products. By doing so, they aim to significantly reduce their scope 3 emissions and minimise their environmental footprint. Delta coffee is available at various locations, including PRIO fuelling stations across Portugal.

The solution

Delta Cafes and PRIO have entered into a partnership with our portfolio company EcoBean, a Polish-based company that repurposes coffee waste, to trail the collection of spent coffee grounds from Delta coffee sold at PRIO refuelling stations.


EcoBean focuses on sustainable production and high-margin valorisation of coffee waste, and is building the first-of-a-kind plant to process 100% of coffee waste into raw materials and green products. They extract five raw materials from coffee waste:

  • Coffee oil for use as a biodiesel additive or in the cosmetics industry
  • Antioxidants for the food, cosmetics, and polymer industries
  • Lactic acid, which can be transformed into biodegradable polymers (PLA)
  • Protein additives for the food industry
  • Coffee lignin which has a range of uses including furniture, car interiors, bioasphalt, adhesives, coating and emulsifier agents.


100% of the collected spent coffee grounds are repurposed by EcoBean into a range of bio-products such as coffee briquettes and pellets (for barbeques and heating purposes), biodegradable flower pots, biodegradable coffee capsules, oils and fragrances.


The next step in the project is to validate the technical feasibility of producing advanced biodiesel, in conjunction with PRIO’s biodiesel plant, from the oil extracted from the collected coffee grounds.

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