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French hypermarket plans to get 24/7 energy autonomy, sun and wind combined

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e.Leclerc chooses WindBox for round-the-clock clean energy in its stores

Find out how French hypermarket e.Leclerc will be using our portfolio company Wind my Roof’s solution, WindBox, to ensure clean and reliable energy for its stores. A discrete, roof-mounted small wind turbine for large buildings, the solution can generate the same amount of electricity around the clock, throughout the entire year.

The challenge

E.Leclerc, a prominent hypermarket chain headquartered in Ivry-sur-Seine, France, operates over 720 stores across the country along with 85 international locations, has up to 23% French market share and a €45 billion turnover, and covers 62% of the French population. The chain offers a wide assortment of products, daily fresh food, and a sophisticated shopping experience. All this requires significant and 100% reliable energy supply.


Already a pioneer in eco-friendly products and recycling, E.Leclerc was seeking to enhance energy efficiency across all its stores in France, aligning with customer awareness and complying with EU and national energy consumption targets. The solution needed to function effectively at any store, regardless of location, season, or time of day.

The solution

French start-up Wind my Roof impressed E.Leclerc with its WindBox, a 4m by 1.6m module that uses both sun and wind to boost the energy autonomy of buildings. Placed on any high and flat roof, the WindBox can generate the same amount of electricity 24/7, all year round. Benefits include:

  • Renewable: each WindBox can provide 2800 kWh/year wind + solar power.
  • Reliable: produces as much energy as 10m2 solar panels without peaks and dips.
  • Versatile: installed on any exposed flat roof.
  • Climate resistant: can withstand winds of up to 180 km/h and temperatures of -15°C.
  • Local: 92% made in France with a low carbon footprint.
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“We started working with EIT Innoenergy in order to find energy efficient solutions for our French stores. Wind my Roof was of interest to us due to their new kind of wind turbine that can fit on top of the stores and combine solar power during the day and wind throughout the night.”


Vincent Muller, Director of Prospects and Innovation, E.Leclerc Energies