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Digitising Vodafone’s environmental reporting for improved efficiency and credibility

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Vodafone adopts FlexiDAO’s energy monitoring software to enhance environmental reporting

Discover how Vodafone Spain is transforming its renewable energy reporting with FlexiDAO’s REspring software (one of the start-ups we support). By streamlining data collection across 13,000 consumption sites, they’re set to save over 100 hours of manual work and gain real-time insights with blockchain notarisation for enhanced credibility.

The challenge

Vodafone is actively working towards achieving 100% renewable energy. However, Vodafone Spain’s energy team lacks access to transparent data on the green energy they bought for environmental reporting. Too much administrative work is needed to collect proof of energy certificate cancellation so that they can report with confidence. 


The company’s energy team needed to invest more than 100 hours to manually obtain this data, process it and get auditor approval. They had to call their local energy supplier to get confirmation of the volume and type of energy certificates that were cancelled for Vodafone. Moreover, Vodafone Spain has 13,000 energy consumption sites (e.g. antennas), making data collection especially time consuming and prone to errors.

The solution

Vodafone implemented FlexiDAO’s software solution, REspring, in 2020. As REspring is directly integrated with the national energy certificate registry, Vodafone can now automatically collect a list of all Guarantees of Origin that are officially cancelled by their energy supplier. 


REspring scans 13,000 consumption sites, that account for more than 500 GWh, and provides the emission calculation and the exact plant of origin of each certificate, as well as other data to assess the real environmental impact of the procurement strategy (e.g., age, technology and location of the sourcing renewable energy plant).

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The impact

With FlexiDAO, Vodafone’s energy team can now:

  • Check the volume of their energy consumption for each consumption site, what percentage of that consumption is actually covered with green energy certificates and calculate emissions for Scope 2 reporting, everything in one place.
  • Filter, visualise and monitor KPIs to take future energy procurement decisions.
  • Generate automatic reports of Vodafone’s renewable energy certificate portfolio.
  • In the future, feed the data into their Energy or Sustainability software thanks to FlexiDAO’s APIs.
  • All the collected and consolidated data is notarised onto the Energy Web Blockchain in order to provide the ultimate trust and digital trail to third-parties that might want to further verify Vodafone’s sustainability claims with assurance. (e.g. external auditors, for the application process to carbon disclosure initiatives, such as CDP).