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Date of publication: 2020.04.22

Energy Lab

Energy Lab
Creation of an industrial acceleration platform dedicated to new energy systems

Consultancy services for Energy Lab creation and commercial launch

Deadline for submission proposals: 2019-11-08
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact: -
Please submit proposals to: -
Intended date of notification: 2019-11-11
Closing tender: 2019-11-22
What is the scope of the project? … is that right?
The proposal we are requesting should focus on both the set-up of the platform, support the commercialization and run of first client pilot projects and activities, both happening in the 15-month tender period.
Who will run the acceleration platform?
InnoEnergy will run the platform, recruiting new competences and mobilizing its own. Tenderer is supposed to explain how it supports the new organization design and ramp-up, enabling InnoEnergy to become autonomous within the 15-month period.
When will the PMO be transferred to the acceleration team?
The PMO should be gradually transferred to the “acceleration team” (see Q2, Q5) in parallel of the first client pilots. The precise period depends on the expected project roadmap.
Is there preconceive idea of how these 2 programs should look like?
Programs have already been pre-designed, with the 1st one targeting large groups enabling them collaborating with startups/SMEs and the 2nd one targeting SMEs (learning expedition). Both should help participants to accelerate their projects contributing to energy transition. Tenderer will participate to operational declination and launch of them.
What building will host the acceleration platform?
InnoEnergy is currently renting a new building to host Energy Lab activity. This building is composed of approx. 1000m² of workshop space to host industrial projects plus approx. 1400m² of office space. Fit-up will have to be secured, in consistency with the future brand identity and designed customer experience. Everything is based in Grenoble, and InnoEnergy teams + EnergyLab team are hosted there.
What is the role of the strategic partners and who are these partners?
Strategic partners are corporate groups, academy institutions, public institutions, keen to support Energy Lab development. We should enable them to participate to the future strategic governance and capitalize on their industrial assets and expertise. Tenderers are expected to align stakeholders and define their roles and responsibilities
Is InnoEnergy one of the investors?
Possibly. And / or other investors may join the project, during “DESIGN” and/or “RUN” phase.
Does Energy Lab need a dedicated brand?
Energy Lab will have its own brand, to be established at European level at least. MarCom plan is part of the RfP