Introduction to Managing Energy Data
Introduction to Managing Energy Data
Introduction to Managing Energy Data

What is this course about?

The general consensus is that there is enormous potential for improving services if data is properly analysed. However, less than 1% of data in companies is being used. It is becoming more and more important to learn about data science and how it can generate value in your business. In this course, participants will learn what the data science process is and how can they manage and develop a data science process to effectively increase value in their company. We will give them real-life examples of companies that have been successful while implementing data science services and also show them innovative business models that have been developed around data science.

What will you learn?

  • Manage a data science process
  • Explain the importance of properly communicating results with your teammates
  • Identify main concepts of data science models that have been implemented in solving specific challenges.
  • Foster innovative and valid strategies to extract value from data
  • Deploy strategies to increase your communication channels through digitalisation
  • Develop a business model around data science

Who is this course for?

This is a foundation level course suitable to a general audience as well as an audience with low technical ability. Audiences with some management experience may also find this course useful.