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News, insights and events for the workforce
News, insights and events for the workforce

InnoEnergy Skills Institute: Powering the Transition to Net Zero Economies

The demands within the battery industry are diversifying, from lithium-ion batteries fueling electromobility to stationary battery storage systems. The clock is ticking, and to scale and meet the soaring demand, we require a skilled talent pool ready to act today. InnoEnergy Skills Institute’s latest report, “Powering the Transition to Net Zero Economies” delves deep into this critical industry, offering insights into unique job profiles across the battery value chain, based on data from over 600 job profiles. It emphasizes the indispensable skills needed to supercharge the potential of this industry. The report goes beyond theory, offering practical examples of skills matrixes for pivotal roles such as Battery System Engineers and Quality Technicians. These matrices provide a clear roadmap for individuals and organizations looking to excel in this dynamic field.

Equipping the Workforce with Essential Skills for a Sustainable Battery Industry

In today’s rapidly evolving world, the shift towards sustainable energy is more crucial than ever. At the forefront of this transition lies the battery industry, a cornerstone in the journey towards a Net Zero Economy. To navigate this transformative landscape successfully, we must equip our workforce with the precise skills required to meet the industry’s demands effectively. Our report is a comprehensive guide that sheds light on this imperative.  


The battery value chain spanning from the sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing and recycling, is experiencing exponential growth. As we move towards 2025, the EU alone is expected to retrain a staggering 800,000 workers, underscoring the urgency of comprehending the intricate landscape of essential skills in this sector.   

Don’t miss the opportunity to stay ahead in this transformative journey. Download the report today and gain a profound perspective on the strategies for skilling, reskilling, and upskilling that can drive the transition towards a Net Zero Economy. 

About InnoEnergy Skills Institute

The InnoEnergy Skills Institute is an evolution of EIT InnoEnergy’s highly successful European Battery Alliance (EBA) Academy, expanding to also include green hydrogen and solar photovoltaics (PV) value chains. Its agile, modular approach to training will deliver the latest trends and training with adaptable, customisable courses and programmes that meet specific needs, regardless of location, size, or technology.

Inspired and informed by the dynamic clean energy ecosystem of EIT InnoEnergy, we equip the global workforce with the expertise and skills required to create a sustainable economy, distilling our unrivalled knowledge and know‑how into relevant, applicable, and effective modular training courses and credentials.

So far, the institute has trained and upskilled over 40,000 workers and delivered more than 35 certifications, more than 80 courses and programs in over 10 languages. Our agility and expertise transform the skills of today’s workforces into those needed for a clean tomorrow.