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News, insights and events for the workforce
News, insights and events for the workforce

Crafting Sustainable Futures: The Launch of Green Energy City at The Business Booster

When education blends with innovation and immersive experiences, it has the power to catalyse profound transformations in young minds, shaping the architects of tomorrow’s sustainable world. It is this philosophy that fuels InnoEnergy Skills Institute’s mission to forge an early connection with Generation Alpha, the first truly eco-conscious generation, through the revolutionary Green Energy City in Minecraft, launching at The Business Booster  18-19 October in Amsterdam.

Generation Alpha: The Eco-Conscious Pioneers

Generation Alpha is a generation of unprecedented potential. By 2025, this generation will represent more than 2 billion children worldwide, announced as the largest generation in history, not only in terms of the number of individuals but also the level of education, according to UNESCO. By 2030, they will represent 34% of the world’s working population. Growing up surrounded by digital technologies, they are poised to leverage these tools to become the architects of a more sustainable future.

Why Focus on Young Generations?

InnoEnergy Skills Institute believes embedding a net-zero mindset from the early years is paramount. It’s not just about cultivating knowledge; it’s about nurturing future leaders in sustainability and giving them unparalleled access to learning. The initiative to blend gamification with green energy education is not only strategic but transformative. It’s designed to leverage Generation Alpha’s affinity for digital landscapes, cultivating both an understanding and a passion for sustainable technologies.


A report from Wunderman Thompson Commerce revealed that 67% of Generation Alpha say that saving the planet will be the central mission of their careers in the future, joining the fight that current Gen Zs are leading. They are not just the most technologically savvy and well-travelled generation but also the pioneers in valuing sustainability and ecological balance.

Green Energy City: A Vision Realised

Green Energy City is a harmonious creation by gaming experts BlockWorks, energy specialists from InnoEnergy Skills Institute, and educational consultants i2e, designed to be a high-quality learning resource in the realm of Minecraft. It is set to introduce millions of young learners to essential sustainable technologies, such as solar power and battery storage, in a way that is engaging, interactive, and profoundly informative.

Launching this October, the experience will be available in the Minecraft Education Edition, designed for a classroom environment, and shortly thereafter in the Minecraft Marketplace, accessible to all Minecraft players globally. It is anticipated to see over a million downloads from the Marketplace and to be a staple in education, with hundreds of thousands of downloads in the Education Edition.


Experience the Launch of Green Energy City First-Hand at The Business Booster

Dive into a transformative realm of energy innovation exclusively at The Business Booster at the RAI Amsterdam, where we will unveil the much-anticipated Green Energy City!


The Business Booster by InnoEnergy is an illustrious international networking event, bringing together 150+ revolutionary sustainable energy technologies under one roof.

Energy City represents a milestone in educational innovation, a movement aiming to rewire learning experiences and inspire the next generation to build a world where sustainability and progress coexist harmoniously. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the synergy of sustainability, education, and innovation, and stay tuned to the monumental strides in the transition to net-zero economies.

About InnoEnergy Skills Institute:

The InnoEnergy Skills Institute is an evolution of EIT InnoEnergy’s highly successful European Battery Alliance (EBA) Academy, expanding to also include green hydrogen and solar photovoltaics (PV) value chains. Its agile, modular approach to training will deliver the latest trends and training with adaptable, customisable courses and programmes that meet specific needs, regardless of location, size, or technology.


Inspired and informed by the dynamic clean energy ecosystem of EIT InnoEnergy, we equip the global workforce with the expertise and skills required to create a sustainable economy, distilling our unrivalled knowledge and know‑how into relevant, applicable, and effective modular training courses and credentials.


So far, the institute has trained and upskilled over 40,000 workers and delivered more than 35 certifications, more than 80 courses and programs in over ten languages. Our agility and expertise transform the skills of today’s workforce into those needed for a clean tomorrow.