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Webinar: “RE2020: there is a solution to each constraint”

The construction sector must pursue and even accelerate change to deal with not only climatic challenges but also an ever-growing need for housing.

The RE2020 : RE2020 environmental regulation

It consists of two criteria that coexist: one is an energy component and the other is the climate.


Consuming the electricity produced in the building and improving its insulation or heating it with locally sourced biomass, allow us to play on these two criteria. EIFFAGE, one of the European leaders in construction and concessions. will tell you more about how it implements low-carbon construction on a large scale and seizes all innovation opportunities for sustainable development.

Plus, 3 French start-ups are getting together to tell you more about it:


* Sylfen stores the electricity surplus produced during the day to restore it at night and during winter


* Agronergy generates renewable heat thanks to a turnkey solution including the installation of the biomass boiler and the heating network, as well as the supply and operation


* Blokiwood, (thanks to its modular and standardized wooden blocks) can be used to build any building up to R + 7, to the RE2020 insulation standard.



To find out more, join us during the live where they will answer all your questions.