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Event location: Online
Event date: 04.03.2020 - 04.03.2020

Webinar | Battery Storage Applications

Battery storage is set to completely disrupt the energy space and shape the future of the sector for the foreseeable future. The EU estimates that in Europe alone, the battery storage market will be worth €250 billion by 2025. Exploiting the opportunities to come and securing competitive edge in the longer-term starts with building the understanding of the different battery storage applications.

The importance of batteries

Energy and battery storage is at the heart of strategy for the European energy transition and is a rapidly expanding market. Battery storage can be deployed at different levels of the electricity system, providing a broad variety of values and allowing access to multiple revenue streams. Therefore, the battery storage industry is generating a vast interest and the number of investors looking to enter this market is continuously growing. 


Nonetheless, many are still having difficulties understanding how they could benefit from battery storage. In this free webinar, Johan Söderbom, Thematic Leader in Smart Grids and Energy Storage at EIT InnoEnergy will focus on providing you a comprehensive overview of the battery storage applications.


Registrations are now closed. We hope that you found the content of this webinar interesting and look forward to seeing you online in the near future.

Webinar recording and presentation

We are happy to share the recording of the session (47 min, accessible via the button below) as well as the slide deck available for dowload here.