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Vestbee and EIT InnoEnergy’s Hello CleanTech programme empowers the next generation of sustainable solutions

Hello Cleantech is a brand new initiative launched by Vestbee in collaboration with EIT InnoEnergy with the aim to support startups leading the transition towards a greener, more sustainable, and decarbonised future.

Hello Cleantech

The program, which ran its course in May 2023, provided cutting-edge startups with unparalleled opportunities to connect with experienced business professionals, access to resources from a wide network of esteemed partners including EIT InnoEnergy, and gain exposure to leading venture capital funds. Hello CleanTech Challenge culminated with a Demo Day, during which selected startups such as Ourobio, Spark e-Fuels,ÄIO,, Alinor, Arkeon, Hydrolyx, Biosimo, TerGO, Plenti, Fermata, and Nanosci presented their tech-powered ideas on how to accelerate the cleantech industry.

Ewa Chronowska, CEO of Vestbee

The state of our environment is a pressing issue but with the right industry support, it can also be a catalyst for innovation. We are proud to be a part of this process and actively boost up emerging tech solutions with a tangible impact on the world’s energy industry. It was very satisfying to see how many inventive solutions were submitted to our program – ranging from renewable fuels and green hydrogen to decarbonizing the food value chain and circular economy initiatives. We have carefully selected real innovators that will pave the way for a more clean industry and a healthier planet, and we are excited to watch their further development and support them on their journey. says Ewa Chronowska, CEO of Vestbee and General Partner at Next Road Ventures.

Programme partners

Hello CleanTech program has been designed to give these outstanding cleantech startups a head start and invaluable access to top minds of the industry from a wide network of partners such as EIT InnoEnergy, Ciech, E44 Ventures, Tangent Line, Doral Group Renewable Energy Resources, OVHcloud, TAURON Polska Energia S.A, Sabancı Holding and Neste Corporation. On top of that, they were offered a fast-track to investment from EIT InnoEnergy and received technology support and assistance to build up their enterprises and the necessary infrastructure to construct, trial, and improve their solutions.

Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe

Hello Cleantech program exceeded our expectations in both the number of applications we received and the overall quality of submitted proposals. As one of the leading European impact investors in climate tech, decarbonisation and sustainable transition solutions, we are delighted to be presented with great new investment opportunities. Our teams are already working with startups from various Hello Cleantech verticals – bioeconomy, circularity, power to X and materials to ensure that the overarching goal of the program is fulfilled – value is created for founders and investors alike. Some of them are frontrunners of innovations in what we believe will be crucial dimensions of the European transition to Net Zero Economy, added Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy Central Europe.

Demo Day finalists

The Hello CleanTech journey finished with the highly anticipated Demo Day event. Selected companies presented the results of their work in front of industry leaders and recognized investors including E44 Ventures, Doral Tech Ventures, and Warsaw Equity Group.

The Hello CleanTech finalists represented a diverse range of innovative solutions:

  • Ourobio: Developing engineered microorganisms to transform industrial byproducts into low-footprint, performance-enhancing biodegradable plastic additives.
  • Spark e-Fuels: Pioneering sustainable e-fuels for the aviation industry.
  • ÄIO: A biotech company producing innovative fats and oils as alternatives to palm oil and animal fats.
  • io: Offering energy efficiency as a service through an intuitive AI-driven software platform.
  • Alinor: Building the digital infrastructure for advanced and sustainable materials.
  • Arkeon: Utilizing microbial gas fermentation and enzyme technology to convert CO2 into fully customizable mixtures of amino acids and peptides for diverse applications such as food, beverages, cosmetics, and industrial specialty uses.
  • Hydrolyx: Developing mobile and modular energy upcycling systems to produce green hydrogen from wastewater.
  • Biosimo: A forward-thinking chemical company specializing in sustainable, bio-based essential chemicals using an innovative and environmentally friendly catalytic process, aiming to disrupt the traditional chemical industry and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • TerGO: A full-stack carbon footprint marketplace providing comprehensive support to companies in measuring, reducing, and offsetting emissions.
  • Plenti: Creating a platform for renting electronic devices.
  • Nanosci: Developing photocatalytic technologies to remove air pollution and generate hydrogen.
  • Fermata: data science company developing computer vision solutions for both controlled environment agriculture and outdoor.

Hello CleanTech 2.0

The second edition of the programme will be launched on 1. November 2023. For more information on Hello CleanTech 2.0 and to apply, visit the  program website: