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Two grand winners receive €100,000 cash prizes for innovative solutions in global call for electrical storage start-ups!

In a surprising twist to the finals pitching event of the global call for start-ups, InnoEnergy announced two grand prize winners: Battrion and instagrid.

The event

10 winning finalists in InnoEnergy’s global call for the most innovative start-ups in the world of electrical energy storage travelled to Amsterdam and pitched to an expert high-profile jury and an audience of industry and investors in a bid to win a cash prize of €100,000.

Battrion, a Swiss-based start-up, boasts a unique storage solution for lithium ion batteries aimed to increase the charging speed of high energy density cells. The technology focuses on improving the structure of the battery during the manufacturing process, enabling a faster charging.

instagrid is a German start-up that has developed a portable battery for applications with a high energy density demand. This solution offers a portable power supply that will help professionals in sectors such as construction to work fully electrically, whenever and wherever they want.

The finalists were assessed on all aspects of their evolution and potential: technological readiness, innovation, value proposition, business idea, addressable market size, scalability of product or service, team structure and impact potential.

All ten winning finalists will secure participation in the InnoEnergy Highway or Boostway programmes, ensuring vital support and mentoring in all key dimensions: technology, marketing and sales, team building, industrialisation and financing. They will also benefit from access to a huge network of more than 430 partners. These start-ups will gain the experience and potential for their solution in electrical storage to reach the market faster, and stronger.

The global call for start-ups was launched last autumn under the umbrella of the European Battery Alliance (EBA), where InnoEnergy plays a pivotal role.

Read the full press release here. Do you want to see these start-ups and 150 others? Then check out our upcoming event, The Business Booster, taking place from 3-4 October in Paris: