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Sweden trailblazes the way for sustainable energy entrepreneurs amidst COVID-19

EIT InnoEnergy and Skellefteå Kraft launch accelerator programme to drive energy innovation in Northern Sweden

Launching Accelerate Skellefteå

EIT InnoEnergy has partnered with Skellefteå Kraft, municipality-owned power company in Skellefeå, Sweden, to launch the Accelerate Skellefteå Project. The call for start-up project will offer applicants from across Europe the opportunity to grow their sustainable energy businesses in Sweden, as part of a green economic recovery post-COVID-19.

A Scandinavian hotspot of innovation, energy and growth

Home to Northvolt’s battery production plant – the largest single site investment in Europe – and investing in a multi-billion-euro development programme for smart and sustainable infrastructure, Skellefteå is quickly becoming an innovation hub for renewable energy. This makes the city an attractive launch pad for energy start-ups.

Call for applications open until 23 August

Launched today, the call for applications is searching for innovation start-ups across the entire energy value chain and will close on 23 August. Successful applicants will be part of a three-month tailored programme offering access to a broad range of services, such as supply chain development, business validation, revenue and pricing models, and technology and industrialisation support. The successful start-ups will also have the opportunity to collaborate closely with EIT InnoEnergy and Skellefteå Kraft to support the city’s, and the entire region’s energy transition.

Kenneth Johansson, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy Scandinavia

“At a time where, naturally, the conversation around the energy transition took a slight back seat, we are determined to continue to support start-ups to accelerate Europe’s green economic recovery. With the announcement of the European Green Deal, there has never been a better time to drive sustainable energy innovation.

By partnering with ambitious municipalities like Skellefteå, that are striving for change, we can make an impact – paving the way for a greener future. Sweden has been at the top of the EU Innovation Index for several years and Northern Sweden greatly contributes to this success. With multi-billions of planned sustainable investment over the next 20 years – the region is at the cusp of an accelerated transition and we’re ready to make that happen.”

A long-term collaboration

EIT InnoEnergy signed a partnership with Skellefteå municipality last year to support its plans and is already involved in several projects across the city, including the smart and sustainable development of local infrastructure.

Joachim Nordin, CEO at Skellefteå Kraft

“We are pleased to announce this programme and to partner with EIT InnoEnergy, with its excellent track-record of supporting start-ups across Europe. Together, we aim to accelerate the energy transition in Sweden and to provide innovative start-ups with valuable business opportunities. Skellefteå is quickly becoming a centre of gravity for energy technology innovation in Sweden. With the continued support of EIT InnoEnergy, we plan to make it a world leader in green energy innovation.”