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REYM Rotterdam and C-Green launch unique collaboration to reduce climate impact from industrial wet waste

C-Green’s OxyPower HTC™ technology will help REYM reduce its climate footprint while at the same time substantially increasing capacity.

Swedish clean-tech company C-Green and REYM, the leading Dutch industrial cleaning and waste management company, are launching a unique collaboration to reduce the climate impact and increase the circularity of industrial wet waste – so-called sludge. REYM and C-Green will explore the feasibility of building a C-Green OxyPower HTC™ plant for converting sludge into biofuel at REYM’s facility in Rotterdam. In addition to providing substantial climate benefits, this cutting-edge technology will also increase REYM’s operational activities.

“C-Green’s technology is entirely in line with our vision to integrate sustainable solutions into our sludge management services and reduce climate impact. With this cooperation, we will contribute to the development of climate-smart, sustainable sludge handling worldwide. It is a win-win situation,” says Fred Muller, Branch Manager at REYM Rotterdam.

The global production of nearly 6 billion tons of sludge annually is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. C-Green’s process transforms sludge into a dry, sterile, biobased, carbon-enriched product that can be used as biofuel or as soil improvement. Compared with today’s sludge management, as much as 80% of greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided using C-Green’s technology. C-Green has partnered with EIT InnoEnergy to help achieve the European Green Deal goal of becoming the world’s first climate-neutral continent by 2050.

“The collaboration with REYM is an important step in increasing circular sludge handling and reducing the climate impact of sludge in the Netherlands. With our process, REYM can capture the carbon in the sludge and use it in new and useful products,” says Michael Sjöberg, CEO of C-Green.

The City of Rotterdam recently awarded the project a grant of € 56 000 as part of its Smart Energy Systems (SES) program, which supports innovations that contribute to a cleaner, smarter, and more efficient energy system. The REYM and C-Green joint project was selected for its innovative, circular approach to re-using wet waste. iTanks, the largest innovative industrial network in the Netherlands, will have a key role in the implementation of the project.