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Pioneering Partnership: E-REDES and Hepta Airborne revolutionize electric grid monitoring

EIT InnoEnergy facilitates innovative collaboration to ensure energy security and sustainability

E-REDES, Portugal’s foremost Distribution Network Operator, is embarking on a transformative journey in the realm of electric grid management. The company, responsible for overseeing an extensive network of 84,000 kilometers of medium and high-voltage electrical grids, announces its pioneering partnership with Hepta Airborne. This collaboration represents a visionary leap into the future of grid management, harnessing the power of drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for enhanced monitoring and maintenance.

GridDrone: A game-changer for grid monitoring

In response to the ongoing need for rigorous and efficient grid monitoring, E-REDES initiated the GridDrone project in 2021. This ambitious project paved the way for groundbreaking innovations in the management of electrical grids. E-REDES successfully executed comprehensive inspections, which included the deployment of drones and the generation of AI-based reports, covering an impressive one thousand kilometers of high and medium-voltage grids within the districts of Viseu and Coimbra.

The GridDrone project is a testament to E-REDES’ commitment to advancing technology and sustainability. By integrating drone technology into their operations, the company takes a significant step forward in enhancing services and operational safety. This initiative ensures the reliability and safety of energy supply while preserving precious forest ecosystems.

EIT InnoEnergy: Facilitating technological progress

The success of this groundbreaking partnership owes much to the diligent efforts of EIT InnoEnergy.  With the introduction of Hepta Airborne’s advanced solutions at E-REDES, “it has been possible to accelerate the adoption of drone technology and Artificial Intelligence in the electricity network monitoring and maintenance sector, increasing efficiency, reducing costs and contributing to the security and reliability of the energy supply in Portugal,says Andreia Fernandes, Country Manager EIT InnoEnergy Portugal.

For E-REDES, “this project reaffirms the company’s commitment to advancing technology and sustainability. Integrating drone technology in the field is a significant step towards improving our services and the safety of our operations,says Ricardo Jorge Santos, Deputy Director of the Innovation Management Area of E-REDES’ Innovation and Technology Department.

By introducing Hepta Airborne’s advanced solutions to E-REDES, EIT InnoEnergy has accelerated the integration of drone and AI technology into the monitoring and maintenance of the electrical grid sector. This has led to increased efficiency, cost reduction, and enhanced safety and reliability in Portugal’s energy supply.

Hepta Airborne: Revolutionizing grid monitoring with AI and drones

Hepta Airborne, renowned for its expertise in drone technology and AI-based software, has played a pivotal role in this revolutionary venture. Their cutting-edge technology enables visual inspections of overhead power grids, introducing substantial improvements in efficiency, safety, cost reduction, and the ability to detect and report anomalies. The AI-driven software employed by Hepta Airborne diagnoses potential faults, verifies safety compliance, and generates detailed reports for analysis and future actions.

As a data and Artificial Intelligence company, Hepta Airbone “reinforces the added value of using drones for quality diagnostics and to support the speed of operations. Thanks to an efficient data flow, the software used has automated 70% of the manual workflow in all operations carried out in 18 countries, while improving the disconnection rate and network security,says Henri Klemmer, CEO of Hepta Airborne.

By automating 70% of manual workflows in operations spanning 18 countries, Hepta Airborne’s software has substantially improved disconnection rates and network security. This partnership marks an important milestone in the utilization of technology for the advancement of the electrical grid sector.

A bright future for grid management

The results achieved through the GridDrone project underscore the value of drones in grid maintenance, operations, and vegetation management. Building on these achievements, E-REDES has committed to incorporating drone technology into a portion of its aerial grid inspections starting in 2023. This technological integration allows E-REDES to uphold its pledge to deliver high-quality services as Portugal’s premier Distribution Network Operator, ensuring the reliability and safety of the nation’s energy supply.