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Partner REE & sub-brand Elewit are looking for start-ups to bring innovation to the company

Elewit -the innovation and technology company within Red Eléctrica Group- is launching the second edition of its Advanced Venture Client programme, which offers a 5 months framework for startups to work closely with REE business units with the goal of getting to run a pilot/POC that could generate not only new revenue for the startup, but also a relevant business case, and allow Red Eléctrica to introduce innovation in the Group.

The program

The program has a double-track structure, focused on the venture client collaboration, trying to help the startup to grow as well with extra support through mentoring and consultancy from experts as part of the bet of Elewit on the startup. But, always, keeping in mind that the core of the program is the exploration of potential business cases to run the pilots in just a few months, in a faster way than usual.



Are you up for the challenge?

Elewit is seeking for companies from any part of the world (the program doesn’t require being located in Madrid, Spain) in the energy sector, as well as companies in different fields like telecom, satellites, IA, data, robotics, IOT, connectivity, etc…that could help them make their processes and technologies more efficient and sustainable, and envision new business models. The application period closes on September 15th and any interested company can apply through its website