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EIT InnoEnergy’s strategic investment in drives carbon-neutral transition forward’s pioneering B2B decarbonisation platform streamlines discovery and selection of solutions that actively reduce carbon emissions., new start-up in InnoEnergy’s portfolio

EIT InnoEnergy is thrilled to announce its latest investment in, a first-of-its-kind online marketplace poised to redefine how businesses discover and select decarbonisation technologies and services. This investment underscores a shared commitment to help businesses simplify their journeys towards carbon neutrality.

B2B decarbonisation platform

On, decarbonisation technology suppliers in hardware, software, or services are grouped based on detailed and proprietary categorisations. Its straight-forward, user-friendly interface allows users to get an overview of the key suppliers in their selected categories in a matter of minutes, drastically shortening what traditionally has been a complex and lengthy process. Technology suppliers can enrich their profiles on with in-depth, verified customer reviews and tangible decarbonisation metrics (such as CO2 emission reduction/ avoidance potential, Technology Readiness Level, Scope 1,2,3, emissions impact and commercial maturity), boosting their credibility and helping buyers make informed decisions.

Tailored scouting service

Furthermore, companies seeking to buy niche decarbonisation tech solutions, and deal with more complex scouting requirements, can engage Qurator for a tailored scouting service. Qurator has developed a proprietary machine learning system that searches an extensive database for fitting suppliers, and is able to provide a shortlist of potential suppliers in days, not months.

Cristian Citu, CEO and co-founder of Qurator says:

“We’re excited to join EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio, showing our commitment to advancing the green transition together. At Qurator, we understand that integrating sustainable practices into existing supply chains is not just an option but a necessity and we offer businesses a clear and intuitive path to navigate this rapidly evolving landscape. By facilitating a platform where companies can effortlessly search, compare, and review decarbonisation solutions, we aim to accelerate companies’ journeys to net zero.”

A crucial tool fostering sustainability

As we witness a surge in demand for sustainable solutions, Qurator’s digital marketplace is poised to become an essential tool for companies and vendors in the energy sector and beyond. EIT InnoEnergy’s investment in Qurator not only underscores its dedication to fostering innovation in sustainable energy but also highlights the immense potential of digital platforms to transform the decarbonisation landscape.

Magnus Lundin, Investment Director at EIT InnoEnergy Scandinavia, says:

“Qurator is not just an investment but a potential partner that stands to amplify the impact of our low-carbon portfolio ventures, based on a digital business model already successful in other segments. Their platform represents a timely and necessary innovation within the decarbonisation space, perfectly aligned with our strategy to prioritise industry decarbonisation and tackle hard-to-abate sectors. The qualified, diverse, and experienced team at Qurator deeply understands the needs of both vendors and buyers, ensuring a rich and collaborative ecosystem.”