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EIT InnoEnergy to endorse sustainable local communities with Renault

As part of our mission to expand sustainability throughout society and contribute to a better quality of life for citizens- we are pleased to announce that EIT InnoEnergy will be collaborating with French multinational automobile manufacturer Renault Group on an ambitious project that will be transforming the lives of citizens through neighbourhood initiatives using their FeliZiudad platform.

The platform

This platform seeks to help make neighbourhoods, cities and towns become more sustainable, and happier places to live. Launched earlier this year the platform already has more than 35 initiatives registered from across Spain. Projects include: a social garden, established to bring generations together to share experiences and teachings and combat loneliness, and the bike co-operative Biciclot which refurbishes old bikes while also teaching young people and adults about bike maintenance and repair.

The announcement

As announced at a joint press conference in Madrid on 10 July 2019, EIT InnoEnergy’s role will be to design, implement and manage the endorsement process which will assess projects against their contribution to sustainable mobility, energy and buildings, neighbourhood habitability and social cohesion. The partnership will also see EIT InnoEnergy develop a Citizen Initiatives Program which will include an element of reward for the most impactful initiatives.


“We are delighted to collaborate with EIT InnoEnergy, partner, independent leader in sustainable energy innovation in Europe, solid, reliable and internationally renowned, to develop this pioneering idea in our country, within the great project FeliZiudad.” Jesus Presa, Director of Communication at Renault Iberia


“Collaborating in such an ambitious project with Renault, a leading company worldwide, gives us the opportunity to expand our mission of sustainability throughout society and thus contribute to a better quality of life of the citizen.” Mikel Lasa, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy Iberia

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Find out more by reading the press release here: