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EIT InnoEnergy named as key case study in IEA report on government support for clean energy start-ups

A major report released by the International Energy Agency (IEA) exploring how governments across the globe are supporting clean energy start-ups has named EIT InnoEnergy, the innovation engine for sustainable energy, as a key case study in relation to its work with the European Union.

EIT InnoEnergy as the only private entity listed among the 14 case studies

With EIT InnoEnergy as the only private entity listed among the 14 case studies, the accolade demonstrates the innovative collaboration between the private and public sector in Europe that is enabling the continent to lead the way globally in the acceleration of sustainable innovation.


From financial support and access to infrastructure such as offices and laboratories, to unlocking business opportunities for start-ups through an ecosystem of investors, companies, research centres and educational institutions, the report highlights the significant platform EIT InnoEnergy provides for early-stage start-ups in Europe and further afield across the globe. Its success is demonstrated by EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio of 480 companies that have collectively raised EUR 3.4 billion (USD 3.8 billion) in external funds, filed 269 patents, and launched over 300 products.


Elena Bou, Executive Board Member & Innovation Director at EIT InnoEnergy said: “Innovation leadership and collaboration from both the public and private sector is fundamental to meet the required pace of the race to net zero. It is a crucial time to drive clean energy innovation and we are tremendously proud to be listed in this report from the IEA that focuses on mobilising start-up solutions to our biggest challenges when it comes to sustainable progress.”


Following significant ramp up of support for start-ups to get clean energy technologies to market since the Paris agreement, the IEA report provides a timely review of government approaches to fostering innovation through pioneering businesses. With public sector support of clean energy innovation showing no signs of slowing, the IEA provides guidance on how governments across the world can follow best in class examples to create thriving innovation ecosystems – crucial to meet today’s energy security and climate challenges.


The news of EIT InnoEnergy’s listing in the report comes as it readies for its annual event, The Business Booster 2022 which will take place in Lisbon, Portugal 28 – 29 September. Focusing this year on how to balance exploration of new innovations while exploiting maximum value from existing technologies in the race to net zero, the event will see investors, start-ups, major companies and policy makers gather for a series of discussions on the most pressing industry issues, while highlighting 150+ innovative companies from EIT InnoEnergy’s portfolio. Pre-register here to take advantage of our introductory ticket offer.