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EIT InnoEnergy invests in Beholder bolstering critical minerals exploration with AI

Beholder, a leading Ukrainian startup at the forefront of AI-driven critical minerals exploration, has successfully closed a funding round, raising almost USD 1 million for further development. The company’s investors included EIT InnoEnergy, Rockstart Energy and STRT. The aim of the company is to accelerate the extraction of critical raw materials for green transformation based on AI tools.

About Beholder

Beholder specialises in the development of disruptive technologies for mineral exploration. Based on State of the Art Neural Networks, the company creates precise maps of the occurrence of highly concentrated raw material deposits that are essential for the success of the global green transition. Beholder operates as a B2B SaaS platform, but also prepares individual reports to create a global geological data platform. The company focuses on the European, African and US markets, with the ability to deliver services globally.

Daniil Lubkin, COO of Beholder

‘Another investment round, which we have successfully completed, is a confirmation of the huge potential of our technology and Beholder’s position in the global commodities market. We are grateful for the trust placed in us by our investors and look forward to working together towards a sustainable, zero-carbon economy of the future,’ stresses Andrii Sevriukov, CEO of Beholder. ‘The capital raised strengthens our capabilities. We are ready to play a key role in the ongoing transformation, ensuring a stable supply of critical raw materials, adds Daniil Lubkin,’ COO of Beholder.

Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of InnoEnergy in Central Europe

‘The search for new raw material deposits is essential for the success of the energy transition. It is also a key part of the battery sector value chain, which we are developing, among others, through the European Battery Alliance (EBA). Our goal is to continuously strengthen the efficiency and independence of the European battery market by diversifying raw material supply sources and increasing their availability in the EU. The Beholder team has all the necessary tools to achieve global success in this area,’ explains Marcin Wasilewski, CEO of InnoEnergy in Central Europe.

The unique Beholder solutions

From the World Bank’s data, achieving Net Zero Goals by 2050 will require a US$12 trillion investment in developing the availability of critical raw materials. The unique solutions developed by Beholder to analyse geophysical, geochemical, structural and remote sensing data have been recognised by energy and innovation clients and investors from around the world. Engagement from EIT InnoEnergy, leading European investor in the green energy sector, Rockstart Energy, one of the largest angel investor and STRT that supports the development of start-ups, will enable the company to significantly accelerate its growth.