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EIT InnoEnergy completes Phase 1 of the #FeliZiudad programme with Renault

EIT InnoEnergy, appointed by Renault for the #FeliZiudad project, has completed Phase 1 of the project with the development of an assessment model and certification scheme that evaluates the impact of citizen initiatives that have a positive influence on the quality of life of people and the environment, and ultimately the certification of sustainable neighbourhoods in Spain.


The design criteria for the citizen initiatives evaluation is based on a catalogue of questions to be answered by the applicants. To this end, the evaluation is centred on three main pillars: Social Cohesion, Metabolic Efficiency and Transformation Potential, which are assessed through 13 topics and 33 associated indicators, which in turn can be evaluated through the response of a set of 119 questions. The questions require a single or multiple-choice answer, which facilitates online system automation.


Regarding the sustainable neighbourhoods certification programme, it is based on 35 indicators which are distributed in 5 main blocks to allow for a comprehensive evaluation of the diverse sustainability parameters: Social Innovation, Sustainable Mobility, Urban Metabolism, Urban Habitability and Social Cohesion.


The next phase of the project has just started and will run through the year 2020 with the launch and deployment of the #FeliZiudad campaign for citizen engagement and the assessment of 5 pilot neighbourhoods to verify the assessment model and make the necessary adjustments. The project will continue beyond this date with the full deployment of the citizen initiatives and neighbourhood certification programme across Spain.