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EcoBean closes partnership with PRIO and Portuguese coffee company Delta

The Polish start-up EcoBean initiated a new partnership with PRIO, an oil and gas company, and Delta Cafés, the biggest Portuguese coffee producer, that aims to transform coffee grounds into briquettes for barbecue and biodiesel, giving new life to a material that would be considered waste. The project was born in the entrepreneurship program Prio Jump Start 2020, in which EIT InnoEnergy is a sponsor and supported all the parts to achieve this partnership.


The product

The first product will be the briquettes for barbecue, available from August in the fuelling stations from PRIO where the Delta coffee is also served. The next step will be to validate the technical feasibility of producing advanced biodiesel from the oil extracted from the collected coffee grounds.

Giving a second life to coffee waste

EcoBean is a service that relies on waste coffee pick up from cafés or offices and includes special bins and bags, footprint reports, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reports and marketing input. All collected spent coffee grounds are repurposed and provided into the market in the form of a range of bio-products such as coffee briquettes and pellets, biodegradable flower pots, biodegradable coffee capsules, oils and fragrances. They are a ready-made circular economy solution that can help any company using coffee to reduce its CO2 footprint.