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Curious about what the future holds?

Have you ever wondered what the future holds? What changes are occurring now that will impact our lives and our world tomorrow? And, more importantly, who are starting all these changes?

Join the Curious: inspiring talks for challenging minds

EIT InnoEnergy presents a new video series: Join the Curious: inspiring talks for challenging minds, hosted by Elena Bou, Board member and Innovation director of EIT InnoEnergy.

A series of inspiring talks for challenging minds where we will explore innovation and sustainability alongside the most prominent pioneers from different fields: from academia to politics, going through research, technology, or business.

In this first episode, Elena talks with Henry Chesbrough about Open Innovation. Professor at University of California Berkeley and best known as the “Father of Open Innovation“, Henry Chesbrough has made an impact from academia to the corporate world. Open innovation is now widely adopted, fostering collaboration between corporates and start-ups.

Watch now the first episode (4min) of Join the curious about open innovation with Henry Chesbrough.


If you are interested in watching the full interview (30min) with Henry Chesbrough, Click here to watch.

Are you still curious about open innovation?

In 2010, the word ‘innovation’ rarely appeared in energy companies’ annual reports, and the term ‘start-up’ simply did not exist. Today, the situation is completely different. Innovation (specifically collaboration with startups) is seen as a way to learn and implement new business models. It has become a strategic necessity that is directly related to each company’s planned evolution for its future.

In 2020, Elena Bour wrote the whitepaper ‘START-UP WANTED’ and defined the 3 golden rules for successful collaboration between corporates and startups. Do you want to read it?

In the next episode of Join the Curious…

In the next episode of Join the Curious Elena will talk with Steven Chu and Bo Normark about how batteries will change our lives.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of Join the Curious, where we will explore another unique topic and the mind behind it. Will you join us?