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CorPower Ocean Achieves Milestone with Commercial Wave Energy Converter Deployment

CorPower Ocean, supported by InnoEnergy, has achieved a significant milestone by successfully deploying its first commercial-scale Wave Energy Converter (WEC) off the coast of northern Portugal. This groundbreaking accomplishment advances CorPower’s mission and reinforces InnoEnergy’s commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the energy sector.

CorPower C4 Wave Energy Converter: Harnessing the Power of the Ocean

The CorPower C4 device embarked on its journey from the Aguçadoura site, located 4km offshore  to the port of Viana do Castelo. Here, it was connected to a pre-installed UMACK anchor on the seabed and seamlessly integrated into the Portuguese national grid via a subsea export cable. This achievement marks a significant leap forward in making wave energy a reliable and bankable technology.

Patrik Möller, CEO of CorPower Ocean, expressed his pride in the team’s relentless efforts, stating, “This is a big milestone for CorPower Ocean and a very exciting chapter for marine energy. I am hugely proud of the entire CorPower Ocean team who have worked relentlessly to make this happen. The effort of the team and our partners to take us here is simply remarkable.”

A Technological Marvel: CorPower’s C4 WEC

The C4 WEC has undergone extensive testing, including a one-year dry test program with simulated wave loading in Stockholm. It incorporates breakthrough technology designed to unlock the full potential of wave energy on a utility-scale. This technology includes built-in storm protection for extreme conditions and phase control technology for enhanced power capture in regular sea states.

Addressing Climate Change with Clean Energy

One of the most pressing challenges in achieving global net-zero emissions is ensuring a consistent supply of clean energy year-round. Wave energy’s consistent power profile positions it as a vital player in stabilizing energy systems, combating climate change, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels. CorPower Ocean is now in the final phase of a structured 5-stage product verification process initiated in 2012, with the goal of transforming its technology into a certified, bankable offering in the near future.

InnoEnergy’s Support: A Key Component of Success

InnoEnergy’s support has been instrumental in CorPower Ocean’s success. Javier Sanz, EIT InnoEnergy Thematic Leader for Renewable Energies, stated, “The ocean is one of the most attractive sources of energy. Its appeal lies in its predictability and constant energy delivery. These characteristics become of extremely high interest when combined with other renewable energy sources, such as offshore wind. We are extremely excited about this new achievement in technology development that CorPower has accomplished.”.

Andreia Fernandes, Country Manager EIT InnoEnergy Portugal, added, “Portugal has been a pioneer in wave energy with developments since 1977, and in 1999, the first full-scale installation in the world connected to the electricity distribution network was inaugurated in the Azores. Since then, several technologies have been tested in our sea, but none have opened the market. In 2013, we invested in the Hiwave 5 project, aware of the risk and from a patient yet relevant investment perspective. Experiencing the progress that CorPower has made since then is a mixture of pride and satisfaction for the confirmation of a triad of success – team, technology, and market.”.

Why Viana do Castelo, in Portugal?

The choice of Viana do Castelo for this project was informed by several strategic factors. The region boasts a skilled workforce of engineers with expertise in offshore wind, composite manufacturing, and shipyards. Additionally, top-tier universities and vital industrial infrastructure, including ports and grid connections, facilitate effective project upscaling. Portugal’s natural assets and environmental consciousness create an ideal environment for the HiWave-5 Project.

Towards a Sustainable Future

As CorPower Ocean enters this pivotal phase of commercial-scale wave energy deployment, it not only marks a significant milestone for the company but also a promising development for the renewable energy industry and the global quest for sustainable, clean energy sources. InnoEnergy, as a driving force behind innovation in the energy sector, remains dedicated to advancing technologies like CorPower’s C4 WEC. This partnership exemplifies our commitment to reshaping the energy landscape and accelerating our journey powered by clean and renewable energy sources.