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Augur SCMT Mittelstand Partners is new shareholder of EIT InnoEnergy

Augur SCMT Mittelstand Partners (Augur SCMT) is a new shareholder of EIT InnoEnergy. Augur SCMT is a combination of Augur Capital, a specialist in private equity investments in medium-sized companies, and Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology, which provides medium-sized companies with access to over 1000 technology transfer centres and allows them to collaborate with Steinbeis School of Management and Technology (SMT). This links professional advice and further training with comprehensive technology expertise.

SOCIUS Mittelstandfonds to help hidden champions grow

Augur SCMT created the SOCIUS Mittelstandfonds, a fund that helps companies with “hidden champion” status or potential and which normally do not have access to the capital market to grow. Augur SCMT consciously focuses on minority shareholdings and, as a partner for succession, transformation and growth issues, makes technological developments from over 1000 Steinbeis centres available to medium-sized companies.

Joining forces to accelerate energy transition

Rainer Gehrung, Managing Director and Co-founder of SCMT GmbH, and Siegfried Jaschinski PhD, Member of the Augur Capital Investment Committee, said: “Through our share in EIT InnoEnergy we are part of the world’s largest ecosystem for sustainable energy innovations and can bring it together with the Steinbeis network. Helping as many of these promising new companies as possible to break into the market is a shared interest and strength of InnoEnergy and Augur SCMT. By joining forces, we can make an important contribution to the success of the energy transition. This has never been more crucial than right now.”

Strategic partners to portfolio companies

Christian Müller, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy Germany, commented: “With its deep roots in German SMEs, its investment expertise and its network, Augur SCMT is the ideal partner for EIT InnoEnergy and its portfolio. We are united by the approach of acting as a strategic partner to our portfolio companies far beyond providing financial resources, for example through links to industry. This will turn today’s ‘hidden champions’ into tomorrow’s unicorns.”