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The programme is very intense and inspiring!

Growing up in a remote coal-mining town in China, Mingchu has seen the devastating consequences of this polluting energy source. He’s used this experience as inspiration for a career in green electrical engineering – and the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems programme to supply him with the real-world engineering knowledge and others essential skills, such as business creation and innovation management.

What part do you plan to play in the energy transition?

In the future, I want to dedicate myself to researching the operation, planning and analysis of power generation – to find the optimal design (based on specific situations) while fulfilling the growing demand for green electricity. This is an area where I’d really like to make a difference!

What attracted you to the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s school?

I think the main attraction for me is the mobility. During the first-year and second-year universities and summer school, we have the chance to study and live in three different universities in three countries. We can meet great professors, researchers and classmates from all over the world and really learn something from each other.

Tell us your favourite parts of the curriculum – and what sets the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s School apart, in your opinion?

My favourite parts of the curriculum are the courses about innovation and business. Electrical engineering is a traditional engineering subject but with many new challenges due to the energy transition. The EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Smart Electrical Networks and Systems offers us not only the essential knowledge in electrical power engineering but other important skills such as business creation and innovation management.

How has the EIT InnoEnergy network helped you on your path?

EIT InnoEnergy gives me an excellent opportunity to connect with young talents who share the same ambition as me; people who are really enthusiastic about clean energy, environment and innovation. This community becomes a solid foundation to start my future career.

Any special projects you’d like to share?

Right now, I’m working on an industrial innovation project with my colleagues in the programme. The main target of our project is to combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the predictive maintenance in a power grid. It’s a brand new but promising area with lots of future potentials to explore!

In what way do you believe your time here will contribute to your professional career?

First, as a master’s programme, the study experience at InnoEnergy is very intense and inspiring. The knowledge and study skills I’m learning now will help me to start my career in the electricity industry. Second, the international experience helps me see problems with a broader perspective so I can work in a global environment and cope with large projects. Finally, the extensive EIT InnoEnergy community will become a life-long asset to my career. No matter what I do in the future, whether I want to build a start-up from scratch or join a big pioneering company, I can always connect with people who have vast knowledge and are focused on energy innovation.

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