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PRINCE2 Foundation Accredited course

PRINCE2 Foundation (Projects in Controlled Environments) is an internationally recognized project management method created by combining practical experience with best practices in Project Management. It is a method not only designed for the management of Information Technology projects, but it is also suitable for all other types of projects. The main objective of PRINCE2 Foundation is the management of projects or work in a project environment using the most globally recognized project management methods, delivering to budget, quality and time, while mitigating risks, managing interdependencies and identifying opportunities. Moreover, the method focuses on the use of a structured approach with controls to provide a delivery methodology that works repeatedly and will enable you to successfully deliver projects and designing plans and reports to meet the needs of each level in the project team and Project Board, therefore, improving communication and control.

Practical skills

Within this course, CFAFE/Energy Transition students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the main principles of PRINCE2 Foundation. They got knowledge from the range of efficient Project Management sector. The PRINCE2 Foundation prepared the students for the next course level involving practical skills. Students after being provided with strong base theory were given puzzles and tasks which embedded the newly gained knowledge and enabled it to be used in practice.

The course was conducted in active formed involving discussions and group works. Moreover, every participant has been given a set of additional study materials, which helped in the preparation and study.

The whole course has been completed with the participation certification for each student present during the study course and additionally, an exam has been performed as a base for separate certificate summing up the PRINCE2 course.

Students were given a unique opportunity to upgrade and improve in the Project Management sector, as well as get a better insight into the Company Structure and become familiar with the principle involved with the aforementioned issues.

How CFAFE/Energy Transition students can use the knowledge gained during the training in their future professional life?

PRINCE2 is like a manual that tells you what should be done in the project at every stage. It is a set of rules that can be applied to any project, regardless of its complexity. Therefore, all the knowledge acquired during the PRINCE2 course could serve the students as a firm foundation when carrying out any project in their future life. It greatly improved their understanding of how commercial projects are realized and how to tailor the PRINCE2 methods to suit the standards established by a company. The detailed scope of the benefits of the training includes:

● Acquisition of knowledge of the organization of activities in the full lifecycle of a project – from pre-project phase, through initiation to the closure of a project.
● Acquiring knowledge in the field of risk, quality and change management.
● Becoming familiar with the entire methodology and its terminology.
● Understanding the basic principles of project implementation according to PRINCE2.
● Gaining knowledge of advantages that can be achieved by implementing a project according to PRINCE2.
● Obtaining knowledge of the project management process.
● Understanding the decision-making scheme in a project.
● Understanding the principles, topics and processes of PRINCE2.
● Gaining knowledge of how to adapt the methodology to a project and organization.
● Acquiring basic skills of project management based on PRINCE2.

The certificate of PRINCE2 Foundation project management is recognized by most of the corporates worldwide and possession of such may have a significant impact when assessing the student’s competencies during the application process. Moreover, each year students of Clean Fossil and Alternative Fuels Energy/Energy Transition from the Silesian University of Technology organizes highly recognized Environmental Protection and Energy Conference which is the main project during the winter semester. This project is a perfect chance for them to truly practice their PRINCE2 knowledge in a real project as the organization of the event is carried out with the application of learning by doing, project-based learning and role-play teaching method