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04 June 2020

InnoBlog: Why do we need Battery Management Systems?

We are currently witnessing a surge of new battery supported applications in the marketplace. Prompted by the quest for application optimisation, among other improvements, high performing battery technologies are being developed with ever increasing energy and power densities. The lithium ion (Li-ion) battery technology family has provided an answer to many of the requirements demanded by emerging mobile and stationary applications. Even though Li-ion technology has performed magnificently and improved over the last decade, we know that the chemistry inside the battery is very susceptible to certain risks such as overheating, over-voltage, deep discharge, over-current and pressure or mechanical stress. For this reason, these batteries should be operated inside a safe and well-defined operating window.


To prevent battery failure and mitigate potential hazardous situations, there is a need for a supervising system that ensures that batteries function properly in the final application. This supervising system is referred to as a Battery Management System (BMS).

Battery Management Systems enhance safety and efficiency

Minimal requirements for a Battery Management System

State of Charge and State of Health

No single best design for a BMS

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