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Engaged networking and learning online in the times of COVID-19

COVID-19 is changing how we do everything, including studying! As students face travel bans and restricted interaction with others, it’s important to be flexible and embrace a new way of doing things. EIT InnoEnergy Master School is already offering its current students a more engaged, highly connected, fully digital learning experience.

Raising the bar for digital learning

One of the cutting-edge programmes that allow students to take on real-world business challenges and fosters their entrepreneurial ambitions is the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Journey – part of the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Energy for Smart Cities. Since they’ve offered blended (including distance) learning all along, the transition to full online has been smooth. However, a major aspect of this programme is experiencing three vastly different ecosystems: Barcelona, Antwerp and Amsterdam – and this is something that Mar Martinez Diaz, EFSC Programme Director and Lecturer, is intent on preserving. “Yes, travel is limited at the moment; however, we are dedicated to ensuring that the students will not only receive the same level of engagement (with other students, alumni and industry experts) as before – but as well an improved experience. This crisis has given us a chance to take it to the next level.” Xavier Crusat (Innovation & Entrepreneurship) shares how they still have been able to execute programme events successfully: “Our goal is to keep all the activities that we’ve had before and add more, such as our new speaker series so that students can accomplish their own agendas (i.e. teamwork, networking and validation) and to keep the same high level of excitement and engagement. Event participants and outside stakeholders across the board have confirmed that our efforts have been a complete success.” They are genuinely committed to raising the bar during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond – and are about to introduce a new “immersive learning” experience so the students can feel even more “there”. Stay tuned for more details!

Continue building valuable connections

Networking with industry leaders is critical for students to gather contacts (and for the industry to find future innovators!), therefor it’s imperative that this connection to industry is not lost – even during these challenging times. The EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Renewable Energy  programme has led the way to perfecting company networking online – ensuring that these valuable connections are still being made, while students explore the renewable technologies that interest them most. Silvia Mateos, Educational Programmes Manager, shares: “We’ve adapted these networking activities with great results. The new format has allowed a closer contact between industry experts and students, and permitted students to be more involved in organizing the activities. Also, it’s helped students establish a more personal, open dialogue with top experts (such as Principle Power, BeePlanet, Flexidao, Meyer Burger, BAX&Co, etc.) in a casual atmosphere.” Malavika Venugopal, current Master’s in Renewable Energy student adds: “The programme has been quick on converting the innovation seminars online. Every week, the students get to interact with change agents in the industry for an hour long sharing and networking sessions.”

A proven track record in remote learning

The EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Sustainable Energy Systems has a proven track record with over five years’ experience integrating different teaching methodologies into an online format.  They’ve successfully delivered the cornerstone elements of their programme remotely, such as project-based learning, a challenge-driven education, case studies and other activities that foster skills such as critical thinking, effective communication, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking. As Programme Director César Valderrama explains, “The evolution has been progressive, allowing us to learn from the technical and methodological difficulties that arise when implementing online teaching – and much of the improvements have been thanks to the suggestions and commitment of the students.” The model has evolved into one that promotes excellent interaction between the student and teacher in an online format. César shares, “Currently, the programme is moving towards a model based on digital learning, changing the paradigm of education – where you learn from people, not from classes. This is the future! However, no matter how the programme evolves further, we will continue to position our students so that they have the advantage to lead the transformation of the economy and society to a low carbon model.”


The new Green Deal lays out a COVID-19 recovery plan for Europe that you can be a part of.  And until face-to-face activities can resume, it’s vital that all of the essential elements are still provided in each and every EIT InnoEnergy Master School programme to prepare you for this future. Especially those activities traditionally done in person, such as teamworking and networking, are being expanded upon so the quality of education is enhanced during this time, not diminished.



Now is the time to pull together, even though we are physically more apart, and continue playing a role in the energy transition! With eight unique Master’s programmes in sustainable energy to choose from, you can find the one best suited to help you play your part here.