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Capgemini joins Verkor venture to reinforce the European low-carbon battery value chain

Paris, February 4 2021 – Capgemini and Verkor announced today that Capgemini has joined the venture created by Verkor, the French industrial company with a mission to accelerate the production capacity of low-carbon batteries in Southern Europe through the creation of a first 16GWh Gigafactory.

Capgemini will help Verkor achieve excellence in low-carbon battery manufacturing by leveraging the full potential of digital and data.

Benoit Lemaignan, CEO of Verkor, said: “We are delighted to attract such prestigious value chain partners to help deliver our vision of a competitive and sustainable battery supply chain in Europe. Key to our success is unifying the very best in talent, resources and expertise from across the globe so that we can work in an agile, fast-follower mode to bring locally manufactured, low-carbon battery cells to the market by 2023.

Capgemini’s market leading capabilities in engineering and digital skills will enable us to refine our manufacturing process to reduce waste and improve the environmental and economic performance of our business model.”

Roshan Gya, Managing Director Southern & Central Europe at Capgemini Invent, said: “Developing a resilient and sustainable battery supply chain in Europe is critical for the energy transition and for the future of our automotive industry. Digital will play a key role in securing the competitiveness of European Gigafactories. We are excited to apply our know-how in digital and contribute hand in hand with Verkor to the creation of a modern, connected and highly efficient Gigafactory in France.”

Capgemini joins Schneider Electric, EIT InnoEnergy and GROUPE IDEC, who announced their partnership with Verkor in July 2020.

Read the full press release.