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C-Green builds world’s first OxyPower HTC biofuel plant for sludge recycling in Finland

C-Green’s OxyPower HTC process uses a process called hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) to recycle all types of biosludge into renewable biofuel. The process mimics the way nature converts organic matter to coal, but instead of taking millions of years it only takes an hour.

C-Green’s patented solution for efficient chemical heat generation eliminates the need for costly external heat production. It is so efficient that, once started, it doesn’t require any external heat.

“5.7 billion tons of sludge, food waste and manure are produced globally every year and we are rapidly running out of ways to deal with it,” explains Erik Odén, C-Green’s CEO. “Greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from wet biowaste is a global environmental problem that has not had the attention it deserves. With OxyPower HTC we can offer a safe and climate-smart solution for the efficient recycling of everything from sewage sludge to manure, food waste, and industrial biosludge.”

C-Green’s OxyPower HTC biofuel plant has a small footprint, only 10 by 20 meters, but with the capacity to recycle over 20,000 metric tons of wet biosludge each year. Its modular design, and quick assembly, makes it an ideal sludge recycling alternative anywhere there is a need to dispose of large amounts of wet biosludge.

C-Green’s OxyPower HTC biofuel plant will become fully operational in January 2020.

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