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Power diodes and switches for high voltage applications using a unique material technology based on 3D SiC epitaxy to reduce resistance and allow for reliable operation....
Location: Isafjordsgatan, Electrum 207 22, 16440 Kista, Sweden
Technology area: Industry
Graphene-based nanocomposites address key industrial challenges in markets where high electrical- /thermal conductivity, high wear resistance, low friction, or a combination of these is needed....
Location: Vildrosgatan 11, 722 44 Västerås, Sweden
Technology area: Industry
By learning from operations and extracting behavioural patterns, field routes can be optimised. Productivity can be boosted by up to 30% and both company expenses and environmental footprint reduced....
Location: Badajoz 32, 8005 Barcelona, Spain
Technology area: Industry
Using low-cost materials and a novel setup, manufacturing costs and maintenance can be kept to a minimum, enabling highly competitive desalination units. The technology outperforms Reverse Osmosis, considered the current state-of-the-art te...
Location: Funäsgatan 24, 162 74 Vällingby, Sweden
Technology area: Industry
Thermal energy storage solutions using refractory ceramics produced from inorganic industrial waste. Eco-Tech Ceram develops new eco-efficient, transportable and modular thermal storage solutions. Inorganic secondary raw materials (such as ...
Location: Rue Edouard Belin Hôtel d'entreprises, Bureau n°3, Espace Entreprises Méditerranée, 66 600 Rivesaltes, France
Technology area: Industry
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