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Through flue gas condensation and innovative filtering technique, the Flue Gas Recovery Unit, FGR® from CleanBioHeat produces cold, clean exhaust and it pays for itself through a very high level of energy recovery. Applicable for heating pl...
Location: c/o InnoEnergy, Valhallavägen 79, 11428 Stockholm, Sweden
Technology area: Heating & Cooling
A tank filled with phase change material (PCM) that allows for the easy storage and transport of heat energy for short distances (of up to 30 km). ...
Location: Czerwone Maki Str. 84, 30-392 Krakow, Poland
Technology area: Heating & Cooling
HeatTank is an award-winning and patented energy storage system, which saves 30% on the cooling of data centre / miner rigs. It has 1,5-3 year ROI, and protects servers from overheating with a low volume....
Location: Tancsics M. u. 15, 5400 Mezotur, Hungary
Technology area: Heating & Cooling
Tecnoturbines has patented an electronic control system based on regenerative braking technology that generates electricity under variable hydraulic conditions....
Location: Calle Dinamarca 16, 3160 Almoradí, Alicante, Spain
Technology area: Hydro
High definition cameras resistant to high levels of radiations are aimed at nuclear sector operations exposed to such levels....
Location: Rue René Razel 4, 91400 Saclay, France
Technology area: Nuclear Energy
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