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Unlocking New Possibilities Through Innovative Energy Storage
The Role of Ultracapacitors in the Energy Transition

Executive Summary

Safe, reliable energy storage devices, capable of high power charging and discharging with long cycle life: ultracapacitors can bring many benefits to the world’s transition to clean energy.


Industry attention regarding storage technologies has been mainly focused on batteries, especially lithium-ion. But ultracapacitors can work alongside batteries and other energy storage devices and open up for new energy storage applications.


This white paper, jointly developed with Frost & Sullivan, intends to shed light on the case of ultracapacitors to serve market development. It highlights the main areas of applications – such as automotive, transportation, power generation and distribution, and industrial applications that include cranes, elevators, data centres or Internet of Things (IoT) devices, where ultracapacitors can play an essential or even game-changing role to help build a more efficient and sustainable future.