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Mobility and transport account for 25% of all greenhouse gas emissions. Discover 30+ pre-screened energy solutions to drive the sector’s revolution and elevate your business.

Explore impactful solutions for e-vehicles, last-mile delivery, maritime transportation, mobility platforms, energy storage and more.

Making up for a quarter of all man-made CO2 emissions and being one of the few sectors in which emissions are still growing, the transport & mobility sector is in urgent need of transformation. Download our tailored catalogue of energy innovations and discover 30+ pre-screened solutions that can help you accelerate your transition to net-zero and gain a competitive edge for your transport / mobility business – all at the lowest risk possible.

Make your search for de-risked energy innovations easier and time-efficient. Boost your business results.

Browse by focus area, country, commercial stage, benefits for your business, contribution to SDGs, customer references and much more.

Benefit from our trusted ecosystem comprising 500+ partners from across 18 countries and over 12 years of investment in sustainable energy.

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