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EIT InnoEnergy Impact Report 2020
EIT InnoEnergy was born 10 years ago with a mission: to contribute to the Energy Transition by making energy affordable, secure and sustainable. Since then we have been investing and supporting companies and innovators that are here for a purpose: creating a more sustainable world. And we are delivering… Our 2020 Impact Report shows part of that story.

Download the EIT InnoEnergy Impact Report 2020

The EIT InnoEnergy Impact Report 2020 confirms that innovation is crucial to overcoming obstacles and achieving Europe’s goals of climate neutrality. As depicted in the report, the companies we support have the potential to save 1.1 gigatonnes of CO2e the equivalent of removing 250 million cars from the road – and €9.1 billion in energy costs by 2030 and beyond.

Report overview

The report is divided into three sections: EIT InnoEnergy’s Innovation System, Impact framework and Our Portfolio.


Our Innovation System, key to the success of EIT InnoEnergy, is divided in four dimensions: People, Corporates, Market and Ecosystem.


In the Impact Framework, you will find the methodology applied, how we have measured the impact of our portfolio companies, and our investment process aligned with ESG, UN SDG and the EU Green Deal.


At the end, we present our Portfolio by thematic fields: Renewable energies, Energy storage, Sustainable Cities and Buildings, Energy for transport and mobility, Smart electric grid, Energy efficiency and Circular economy and the contribution of each company to UN SDG and the EU Green deal.


If you are interested in meeting our portfolio companies in person, don’t miss the opportunity to come to our flagship event “The Business Booster” in Lisbon on 28-29 September,  For more information visit: