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Date of publication: 2019.08.29

Lead Generation and Sales Support for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups.

Within Business Creation Services Benelux we are adding value to start-ups and scale-ups to support them to create successful, sustainable businesses that bring valuable solutions to a global market. For these start-ups the following services are requested:

Using the mapped market segmentation and sales strategy to prepare and implement a plan on the following aspects:

– Lead generation

– Sales support

Deadline for submission proposals: 2019-08-12
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact:
Please submit proposals to:
Intended date of notification: 2019-08-19
Closing tender: 2019-08-12
Just to make sure I am providing the relevant information, I’d like to ask you if the following will suffice: A document which specifies: – Our company background, experience and existing partnerships / clients (i.e.: a list of scale ups / tech companies which we have assisted and links to success stories) – An high-level overview of the services offered: o Market entry consulting o Inbound Marketing o Direct sales / lead gen – A general overview of the team we will compile per project / assignment – Our onboarding process (incl. training and pre-sales activities) and a description of the first steps after the training – Approach / process for direct sales – Approach / process for indirect sales – Overview of our experience in channel development – Reporting structure – LinkedIN profiles of key personnel – An overview of the commercial terms
Please make sure you answer the requirements mentioned in the RfP. These are indeed covered by most of the things you list here.
Am I right that the service agreement can be filled in later, only after the project has been awarded?
Please include your comments to the service agreement to the offer you send us.
I will include information on our liability insurance
Please include the information of the insurance that you have available.