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As we continue to grow in size and ambition, we are continuously looking for suppliers with unique skills, across a range of fields – from legal, IT and marketing support, to expertise in coaching and consultancy, to name just a few.

This page contains all of our procurement procedures which are currently open for submission.

For more information or support, you will find the contact details for each procurement within the enclosed documents.



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Date of publication: 2022.10.27

EIT INNOENERGY is interested in developing a business project to manufacture photovoltaic modules on a multi-gigawatt scale. The project considers a vertical integration of the manufacturing of wafers, cells, and modules to serve four completely differentiated market segments.


To support this objective, the assistance of a firm is sought that, according to the scope of work described in the RFP, assists EIT INNOENERGY in defining the strategic and business plan of the business process described above.

Deadline for submission proposals: 2022-11-15
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): -
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact: javier.sanz@innoenergy.com
Please submit proposals to: javier.sanz@innoenergy.com
Intended date of notification: 2022-11-16
Closing tender: 2022-11-21
Date of publication: 2022.09.27

EIT InnoEnergy wishes to close an equity round by Q4 2022, aimed at raising multi-millions via a private placement by finding strategic investors. The preparation is already ongoing and being supported by 2 investment banks. For this process we’re seeking legal support

Deadline for submission proposals: 2022-10-12
Deadline postponed to (if applicable): 2022-10-14
Clarification session (if applicable): -
For further information, please contact: maurits.kolkman@innoenergy.com
Please submit proposals to: maurits.kolkman@innoenergy.com
Intended date of notification: 2022-10-19
Closing tender: 2022-10-12
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