2024-29 EU policy priorities
2024-29 EU policy priorities
2024-29 EU policy priorities

Building Europe’s green industrial muscle


Meeting global 2050 climate targets is heavily dependent on an industrial revolution to meet demand for climate technologies like batteries, renewables like wind or solar, and electrolysers. Climate tech is fast becoming one of the fundamental drivers for economic growth for Europe, already estimated to be worth €120 billion per year. The market for climate tech will continue to grow as more industries decarbonise.


But the window to capture this opportunity is short. The EU’s ability to scale green industrial capacity, enlarge and secure resilient, sustainable supply chains and access the necessary finance will be key to success.

A summary of key policy proposals

1. Deliver the best business case for sustainable, Made-in-Europe climate tech

  • Put resilience, sustainability, traceability, and circularity at the core of the Internal Market and the EU’s industrial strategy
  • Incentivise demand for EU-made products through policy and public investment levers
  • Ensure fair competition of the Internal Market using the EU’s existing trade defence toolbox


2. Create better financing (public private) solutions for climate tech  

  • Prioritise allocation of funds to climate tech in the current and future long-term EU budget
  • Address gaps in EU’s existing financial toolbox to fund early-stage industrial start-ups
  • Mobilise private capital for a new public-private financing instrument to build a €500 billion Climate Tech Sovereignty Fund


3. Prioritise the transformation of energy-intensive industries

  • Grant industrial frontrunners a ‘fast pass’ for priority access to land and grids tp speed up decarbonisation efforts
  • Incentivise the launch of new first-of-a-kind green industrial plants across Member States by 2030.

EIT InnoEnergy portfolio scaling climate tech manufacturing across the European Union