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27 August 2020

InnoBlog: Working for rural electrification in Myanmar

In my most recent interview for InnoBlog, a series of articles that I share about EIT InnoEnergy students and graduates and their experience in the industry, I interviewed Alexis K. Phillips, a fellow graduate from the MSc. Renewable Energy. Alexis is currently working with Mandalay Yoma Energy, a mini-grid project company in Yangon, Myanmar.


Alexis is from the U.S.A and had always wanted to help the under-privileged using her engineering skills. Working in the mini-grid industry is complex and very hands-on, and Alexis was always up for that challenge! The environment is rapidly changing and new ideas to make processes more efficient are always well received. Knowing that internships and thesis can take up 40-50 hours a week, Alexis couldn’t imagine doing something that wasn’t high impact. Providing off-grid electricity to villages was one of the main reasons why Alexis pursued renewable energy, as energy access is a key to escaping poverty.

Tell us a bit about your role at Mandalay Yoma Energy.

How did EIT InnoEnergy Masters prepare you for this role?

Has this been a fulfilling experience?

Any encouraging words for future students who want to take this path?

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