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InnoBlog: What can we do as Individuals to fight climate change?

The COP26 was recently held in Glasgow and it resulted in some very important conclusions – “Countries are being asked to come forward with ambitious 2030 emissions reductions targets that align with reaching net zero by the middle of the century” (COP26-GOALS). As students from EIT InnoEnergy Master School, we all know how important reaching such goals is and we all wish to learn the necessary skills to contribute in a best way possible. Therefore, the first thought that all of us have is: what can we do, as individuals, to start contributing as early as possible in the fight against climate change?

This was something that always intrigued me. During my two years of master´s I did my best to find out the most effective ways to reduce my carbon footprint and tackle climate change. These are some of my advice so that you can start doing the same.

Learn about it

Start learning about climate change and global warming. There are many ways to do so but, in my experience, the easiest one is to enroll in a relevant course during your 2-year Master’s. For those of you who select KTH Royal Institute of Technology, I would recommend the courses: “Energy and Environment”, to get a global perspective in energy trends, and “Power Generation Environment and Markets”, for a deeper understanding on energy markets. If you decided to study at one of the other top technical universities offered by EIT InnoEnergy Master School, I would suggest looking for courses that provide similar content!