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07 September 2020

InnoBlog: Master’s in nuclear energy - from technical skills to industry connections!

Continuing the InnoBlog series where I interview EIT InnoEnergy students employed in the energy industry, this week I have chosen to interview Miriam Diaz Hernandez. She is a recent alumnus of the EIT InnoEnergy European Master’s in Nuclear Energy programme and is currently working at Tecnatom in Spain.

When Miriam first started the programme, her knowledge in the nuclear field was limited to one nuclear technology course she pursued during her bachelors. She chose this programme because she was intrigued by the challenges of nuclear safety and wanted to work in the same field. The nuclear energy programme is very technical but thanks to her professors and lecturers she attained a wider understanding of nuclear energy sector.

The programme enabled her to join a multi-cultural environment with students from all around the world. She got to live in two beautiful cities, Paris and Barcelona, enjoying the perks of being an international student while developing her communication and language skills via the summer school. The 3-week summer school at Grenoble École de Management (GEM) gave Miriam the opportunity to develop transversal skills and acquire competences that are generally not delivered by standard Master's degree.

According to Miriam, the programme has several hands-on activities and group projects along with some theoretical lectures. She specifically remembers one of the projects where her team analysed the different perspectives about nuclear energy. By interviewing professors, politicians and students about their opinions on the matter, the team created a website to organise debates on the topic.

In the following sections, Miriam talks about her job search and full-time experience after graduating from the programme.

How are the job and internship opportunities for this course?

Tell us a bit about your role at your current job.

How has the EIT InnoEnergy Masters School been useful when you were looking for this opportunity?

Has this been a fulfilling experience?

Any encouraging words for future students who want to pursue this programme?

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