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InnoBlog: 3 ways to land your summer internship

Only last week I signed my agreement for an exciting internship position. It was not so easy to get here but EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre supported me throughout the entire process. Here, I’d like to share my experience of landing my summer internship.

CV check and mock interview

I already had some professional experience before joining EIT InnoEnergy Master School but it was not directly related to my new field of study and interest. So, I already had a CV but didn’t know how to properly update it. I wanted to include my previous experience but highlight that I was keen to move into the new field – this was tricky…


To get some help, I contacted the EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre who gave me helpful tips on how to make some changes in the structure, order, and arrangement of my information to bring important points forward as well as make a CV stand out – problem solved!


On top of it I was also offered to a mock interview – an added bonus to my career preparations at the Master School.  As the interview really helped me prepare, I strongly recommend all incoming students to try it out!

Keep a close watch on your professional network

Having an effective professional network helps to have a successful and empowered transition into the job market. LinkedIn is an obvious choice when it comes to expanding your professional network but what about other alternatives? EIT InnoEnergy CommUnity platform is a good start if you are looking to connect with other students,  share experiences, ideas, and opportunities. There are a lot of EIT InnoEnergy alumni that work in leading roles in the energy sector, so makes it easier to expand your professional network and keep track of sustainable energy careers.


 Additionally, Career Centre runs a job board on the CommUnity platform, introducing opportunities from both partners and start-ups.

Career Impact Programme, a perfect career coach!

I also largely benefited from the Career Impact Programme, 12-month professional development journey that is aligned with our Master’s programme. Although I am still at the beginning of this journey, I have to say that the one-to-one coaching sessions I had until now were impressive!


My coach is an industry expert with long experience of working with graduates who feel like kick-starting their career. She analysed my weak points and guided me through ways to overcome them, making it easier for me to pass the interview for my internship.

Reach out to EIT InnoEnergy Career Centre, right now!

In two weeks, I’m going to start my summer internship at Northvolt, a Swedish battery developer and manufacturer that is “laying foundations for a green battery industry in Europe”, I cannot express how excited I am about this new adventure!


Doing an internship during my Master’s programme will be a good addition to my theoretical knowledge and a strong selling point on my CV!


As my new internship will be in field of battery technology, I cannot wait to share the role of EIT InnoEnergy in this booming industry as well as my experience at Northvolt – stay tuned for my next post!