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Alumnus Arjun Gupta named as one of the “30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders” in Canada

Arjun Gupta, who finished the EIT InnoEnergy Master’s in Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems back in 2014, has been named as one of the Canadian “30 Under 30 Sustainability Leaders”. A title well deserved – and just in the nick of time before his 30th birthday – for his outstanding dedication to sustainability since 2011. For someone that has been diligently working to make the world a better place, starting at the age of 21 by helping to electrify rural villages in Eastern India, receiving this accolade is both an honour and a motivation. Arjun shares, “I was so pleased to make the list! I find the work in sustainability very rewarding already, but this is a great acknowledgement of what I’ve done so far – and it has bolstered my commitment to work even harder and grow my impact as a Sustainability Leader.”

Thinking bigger, going global

While deploying renewable energy systems in remote areas of India, Arjun realised how essential electricity is tied to the development and prosperity of the inhabitants. It inspired him to want to do more, to have a larger effect. He shares, “To expand the impact of my work, I decided to complete my Master’s in the Environomical Pathways for Sustainable Energy Systems programme by EIT InnoEnergy. The programme served as a great platform to access global opportunities in sustainability. While there, I received the opportunity to finish my Master Thesis at UGE in New York, deploying solar and wind projects across the globe. Over the last six years at UGE, I have deployed solar projects in North America, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Panama and Turks & Caicos.”

The importance of choosing where to study

“Europe is spearheading the drive towards sustainability and is a hotbed for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. And the curriculum at EIT InnoEnergy Master School has kept up with the latest technologies and market trends, which gives you an edge after you graduate. For example, their courses – with an emphasis on project work with students from different cultures – improved my technical and communication skills. This definitely helped me secure the job at UGE and made it easier to work with a diverse mix of colleagues. Few universities anywhere in the world have dedicated programmes for renewable energy, and I particularly liked that I could choose the curriculum that appealed to me, instead of a conventional “static” academic curriculum that most universities offer,” says Arjun.

Utilising the EIT InnoEnergy network

When asked about the benefits of the extensive EIT InnoEnergy network, Arjun shared: “I’m in close contact with many of my alumni friends around the world since I completed my Master’s. This network has been beneficial to identify new and interesting opportunities popping up globally. At the same time, the network helps me get introductions and connections with decision-makers at organisations. Currently, my focus is to establish myself as an independent sustainability consultant. I want to leverage my experience over the past decade and provide both technical and non-technical services to organisations looking to expand their sustainability footprint – and this valuable network should assist me with this goal.”


Driving change back home

Arjun has a clear plan to drive change back in his home country: “The academic tracks in Europe are far more advanced compared to the track I followed in India, specifically in the domain of renewable energy. This specialised knowledge has been in major demand in India since they have set bold renewable energy targets in an attempt to decarbonise the electricity sector. With the lack of clean tech professionals who can help accelerate India’s race towards achieving their renewable energy targets, it’s an excellent opportunity for me to contribute towards the growth of renewable energy in India by utilising the specialised knowledge I picked up in Europe.” 

The role of Sustainability Leader

With the broad experiences Arjun has had so far in his career and the knowledge he has gained from EIT InnoEnergy Master School, Arjun is well equipped to play a big role in the energy transition. As Arjun explains, “The global economy needs to decarbonise, and every individual has to make an effort. Hence, there is an urgent need for Sustainability Leaders to make their voices heard and promote sustainability across all spheres of life. The good news is that we have the right technologies and solutions today to build a cleaner and more sustainable future. I want to build this future through my work, and this drives me to keep pushing towards it every day.”

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