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EIT InnoEnergy discusses the power of the ecosystem and innovation at the 17th IESE Energy Industry Meeting

EIT InnoEnergy was part of the 17th IESE Energy Industry Meeting, in Madrid, from 17 to 18 February, leading a discussion about the power of the ecosystem and innovation in the energy sector.

In the fight against climate change, there are different priorities to be considered simultaneously, from global public governance, mechanisms and incentive systems, technologies, innovations, resources, and the critical participation of citizens. All this must be accompanied by economic growth and general well-being while providing the clean energy required.

These issues were the main topic of the 17th IESE Energy Industry Meeting, with a special emphasis on the field of innovations and technologies. The event had more than 200 attendees, including key players in the energy sector in Spain, that discussed along two days the trends and future of the energy business.

Some of the topics discussed were the increasing relevance of clean energy technologies that are taking increasingly higher investments from the big players. EIT InnoEnergy was responsible for a round table about making innovation happen in storage and off-shore technologies, with the participation of the companies Skeleton and Principle Power, both supported by InnoEnergy.

In a discussion moderated by Javier Sanz, Renewable Energies Thematic Leader at EIT InnoEnergy, Felipe Drukaroff, CFO at Principle Power and Egert Valmra, Project Consultant at Skeleton Technologies, discussed how the innovations they bring to the market can contribute to the energy transition and how their new business models are already ramping up in the market. During the panel, the intervenients discussed the energy transition and an industry in transition since all these topics involve unprecedented changes in the entire energy value chain and its different subsectors.