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The advantages of working for thriving energy start-ups in Europe

Many students face the decision of whether to work for an exciting new start-up or a larger corporate outfit. EIT InnoEnergy gives its students a wealth of work opportunities including exclusive access to EIT InnoEnergy supported start-ups and entry into the competitive European job market. Two EIT InnoEnergy Master School students had much to share on the subject and the experience they acquired when working with thriving start-ups!

Stimulating atmosphere

Hesham Nasr, who is currently working for EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up HEATPOWER gives his insight: “At a start-up, there is no gap between the founders and employees. We all work together for the same goal. It’s a friendly, productive and family-like atmosphere.” Hesham also worked for a large corporate and adds, “I was a field engineer for one year in a big company. There were many advantages such as always having a backup people to consult for anything important and I always knew exactly what my role was. Also, my job was sustainable and the company was having a lot of resources which reduces the risk of going bankrupt.”

Learning by doing

Working in a start-up is challenging, but in a good way. Hesham explains, “The challenge to always come up with new “outside the box” solutions create a dynamic energy which drives progress. Since I help out with a little bit of everything, I learn about various fields and can enrich my skillset. I now think about problems from multiple perspectives. It’s a fascinating experience to work at HEATPOWER. I encounter new challenges daily and working to solve them is truly fruitful as I believe in the concept of learning by doing.” Mayra Alvarez was also able to polish new skills at EIT InnoEnergy supported start-up Ecovat: “I went beyond my technical skillset and was trusted to represent the company at The Business Booster (TBB.) by EIT InnoEnergy in Paris, a two-day international event with +1200 participants. CEO Aris de Groot gave me the incredible opportunity to pitch on stage in front of +200 people and represent the company in several B2B meetings.”

A supportive ecosystem

Mayra shares, “Being part of EIT InnoEnergy is always an advantage. It’s not only the academic edge of studying at top universities in Europe; but as well the connections we make, the access to European companies, and all the opportunities that are presented to us just by being part of this ecosystem.” Hesham agrees and adds, “I feel very engaged and  part of the EIT InnoEnergy ecosystem, as everything is integrated and interconnected. I always get support for my innovative ideas to become a reality due to the huge network that includes industry, academic and research partners. They are also very supportive of students having a part-time job in one of their supported start-ups and connect you with lots of job opportunities. While doing my Master’s, I have always worked in one of the EIT InnoEnergy start-ups in various locations; such as LEDsafari, BEON and now HEATPOWER. I’ve found it very beneficial to apply what I learn through classes in an actual industry situation – which gives me a big advantage in the job market. My journey within the EIT InnoEnergy Master School was one of the best and life-changing experiences in my life.”

Connecting to your future

It’s clear that no matter which route you choose, EIT InnoEnergy will help you get there with a wealth of industry connections and a Europe-wide “beyond business network” to tap into. As Mayra puts it: “Studying in Europe offers its own unique advantages and opportunities, and being part of the EIT InnoEnergy Master School can open doors you might consider hard to reach. The real plus of being part of this community is all the connections which put you on the correct path to achieve what you want in a professional career.”

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